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to wish impossible things
i'm alex, 18 years old.

"the most wasted of all days is one without laughter" - e.e. cummings

Skins, 5x01 - Franky

Merlin, 4x05 - His Father’s Son

Merlin, 4x06 - A Servant of Two Masters

Supernatural, 7x13 - The Slice Girls

Supernatural, 7x14 - Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

Pretty Little Liars, 2x19 - The Naked Truth

Pretty Little Liars, 2x20 - CTRL: A

Gossip Girl, 5x14 - The Backup Dan

Gossip Girl, 5x15 - Crazy, Cupid, Love

The Challenge, Battle of the Exes - Where Did Our Love Go?

One Tree Hill, 9x04 - Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt?

One Tree Hill, 9x05 - The Killing Moon

SKINS: So far, I haven’t taken a liking to any of the new characters. Franky just seems to whine a lot, Mini seems to be a major bitch, that one guy she’s dating is a total ass, her one friend (Grace, was it?) is kinda who I’m leaning for with the girls but we’ll see, the other friend I don’t even remember too much, and there was a ginger who’s name started with an ‘A’ who seemed pretty cool. But, again, it’ll probably take a while for me to get used to them and over my Cook withdrawal.

MERLIN: Murderer Merlin was actually pretty damn entertaining to watch. And someone needs to give Morgana a hug, for crying out loud.

SPN: I hated that whole ‘Dean’s daughter’ thing, because she irked me.

And those clowns were freaking creepy.

PLL: Jason is Spencer’s brother….. what.

And I really need to know who A is. I can’t take all this buildup anymore.

GG: I don’t like Dan and Blair together, probably because I don’t like Dan. Dan is obnoxious and annoying and every time he’s on screen I want to flip the channel. Also, I don’t think it makes a lick of sense for Blair to be into him, but I guess that’s just me. Also, fake Charlie is annoying. I don’t even remember her real name. But she needs to leave, permanently.

THE CHALLENGE: Good riddance, Heather and Dustin. And that challenge was a joke. How on earth did they not know some of those questions? And as much as I didn’t like Naomi, I didn’t want Leroy to go home.

OTH: This season is so over the top, I don’t even know where to start. Nathan getting kidnapped by those basketball agent thugs or whoever they were… I don’t even… And people might not like this, but I think they should forgive Dan. I don’t understand why Haley jumped to the conclusion that Dan had something to do with it. I think if you can pinpoint of thing about Dan, it’s that he loves Nathan. Yeah, okay, he has a pretty twisted way of showing it, but ever since the first season all he really wanted was the best for him.

Oh, and Brooke vandalizing stupid Chelsea Kane’s character’s (who’s infuriating) cafe was great.